Yet They Spent More to Find Another Earth


Warning: The following entry contains disturbing graphic. Do not open the video if you can’t stand it.

Julie and I once had a long bus ride that took us to countless of random conversations from socio-political POVs, to Hitler, to Nostradamus and . . . climate change. After a few yes-leo-deCarpio-is-doing-it-right-for-Momma-Earth talks, Julie gave me a few of her opinions about how big guns spend far too much finding other habitable planets and  far too little in preserving the only planet we’ve known livable. Continue reading

Here are Some Traveling Tips from My Own Traveling Mistakes


Traveling is something that some of my friends is hesitant to do. The usual alibi is, “it’s expensive”, “it’s time consuming”, “it’s scary” so on and so forth.

I couldn’t really think of when was my wanderlust began. Right now, all I know is I LOOOOOVEEE bus rides, seeing new places, chasing sunsets and sunrises, breathing in new a “kind” of air, experiencing new cultures and leaving a footprint to places where I thought I’d only see on maps. Continue reading

A Hopeful Open Letter to My 30 Year Old Self



You are a few months away from turning into a werewo – – – ooops, 25 I meant and as far as I am concerned, the norm called this stage quarter life. I am writing this  open letter to you to remind you about how it used to be five years ago. From this point onward, all I could ever wish is a better life or at the very least, hope that you already figured out what you really wanted in life. I pray you are still in top shape, alive and kicking and still climbing mountains. If lucky enough, I think you could have already climbed Everest too. I hope. Continue reading