Vergielyn, Who?


My name is Vergielyn and I am a copywriter who has been in the game since early 2011. I must admit, it wasn’t an easy journey and I had to go through challenges that most writers experienced; writer’s block, rejections, self-doubts and everything else in between. But all through these years of writing (and writing and writing and writing), I found out that there’s just a single magical formula which REALLY converts readers into loyal customers: you got to be that reader – step into your readers’ shoes, find the pain point and from there, give them the remedy they deserve.

You see, every product, may it tangible or not, has its own story. When it comes to branding, it is hard to craft a unique and compelling story that captivates attention specially in today’s digital age where people are bombarded with information. No matter how good a product could be, its existence is almost unknown if its seller does not have the power to capture its potential customers’ attention. That’s why choosing the RIGHT words to tell a product’s story is as important as the product itself. Thanks to the wonders of the Earth, writers like me exist.

Cough, cough.

I am that breed of writer who prefers simple and captivating words than fancy, nonsensical  idioms. I am also the investigative kind — that sometimes I thought of quitting this job and become a detective instead – who doesn’t just base my researches from one source but on every possible reliable archives until I am satisfied with the data’s validity.

To summarize, I am . . .  well, I’m awesome.


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