• Let’s have a phone call or meet me for coffee. I’m a caramel macchiato kind of girl. Let’s talk to see if my skills and writing style fit what you’re looking for.

  • Test the waters first. We’ll do a quick test project. See from there if you like my writing style, voice and copy approach. If not…then…well…*sighs*. Life I guess. *shrugs*. If I got it then Yeyyy! Onto the next step.

  • Sign a contract and pay the non-refundable 50% upfront payment from your overall project’s quote.

  • Answer your project’s questionnaires. This will help me understand more about your business, the project, your goals, brand narratives and other crucial details.

  • Review your drafts. See if we’re in the right direction. I use the 10-50-99 progress process.

  • Approve final copy. I’ll be sending you all your copy. Max of 3 free revisions. Most of the time it typically takes 1 round of revision.

  • Check sanity. We did it! Now off you go, conquer the world. Stay sane!

Wai..waii…waitttttt! Don’t contact me yet.

So here’s the bitter truth. 

I am more than confident that my skills can bring impact and value to your business. But let us first recognize all the moving pieces that work to bring money to your business. Before we spend time, energy and neurons on your copy project, here are some suggestions.

Make sure:  

  • Your product delivers its promise so as your copywriter I’m not lying to your people with overly hyped superlatives
  • Your visuals align with your marketing / ad campaign if you’re running one.
  • You’ve got a solid team that knows what they’re doing.
  • You’re willing to brief me about the project and answer my questionnaires, my emails and scheduled phone calls so we are both on the same page.

Now, if you think you can deliver those bullets above, you can finally contact me.