Trekker Bags – Tougher than Your Trails


Trekker’s durability was tested by its creators Matt Brooke and Dave Lachey. The first two Trekker bags were personally used by Brooke and Lachey, deliberately testing their backpacks under different weather conditions and tracks as they traveled around four cities, two deserts and six mountain trails across the world and a month walk in their homeland, New Zealand on the trails of Te Araroa.

Trekker Features;

  •  Weather resistant
  •  Biometrics external locks (2)
  •  Internal built-in tracking micro-chip
  •  16 Durable internal storages
  •  Non-rust stainless steel zippers
  • Heavy duty 600D polyester design
  • Back-relief panel
  • Hydration-pack compatible

Trekker bags are crafted for transportability, capability and security.  From the lasting durable powers of nylon and polyester, these bags were made to resist rain and strong heat.

Rule the world without worrying about security with Trekker’s 2 external biometric locks and a built-in microchip tracker that you can connect to any computer or Smartphone.

Carry your tent, laptop, cameras, clothes and all other gears in its 16 durable internal storages. As tough as these bags are, but they were also made for transportability, bragging their back-relief panels which maximize comfort even in long walks.

Behind Trekker . . .

Trekker is the first brainchild of OnFoot, a start-up seller of outdoor gears founded by trail-loving buddies, Matt Brooke and Dave Lachey, two once-upon-a-time software engineers. Both Brooke and Lachey accomplished a lot of trails including those of Te Araroa  and the jungles in Amazon.

Trekker was actually a product of frustration

Tough trails need tough gears – that’s a given thing but a good backpack shouldn’t compromise versatility. Trekker was a “ridiculous” idea of Lachey that Brooke laughed at some three years ago. Lachey envisioned a backpack that could integrate with heightened computer-based security. Brooke kid about putting a biometric and a GPS tracker in the bag — the joke that Lachey took literally.

The rest was a history. Now Trekker bags top the New Zealand’s outdoor market.

Disclaimer: This product copy is crafted as a dummy (“sample”) work of Vergielyn Cubol. Company name, brand, people and the product itself is plain non-existence, far as the writer’s concern.

This was written as per challenge of a good friend. The challenge was to create a catchy story for a brand of backpacks that are specially made for mountain climbers, campers, travelers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Vergielyn should be able to come with a tag line that shall serve as a unique selling point.

Friend’s note: Let’s say that this bag has biometric-based locks (2) and an invisible micro-chip GPS tracker implanted somewhere inside the bag. Include other awesome features like; polyester design, stainless steel zippers, back-relief panel, etc. Assume that these incredible bags were produced by some two geeks, uh, computer scientists who also happened to love backpacking.