How Michael Smith Found Cheaper, Hassle Free and Unforgettable Wave-Playing With the Help of Costa Rica Surf Board Rentals


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Michael Smith is a twenty years old Hawaiian who calls himself a wise adventurist – or as he defines it he is “someone who loves to travel greatly without spending largely.” And this is HIS story of how he saved up money through Costa Rica surf board rentals.

I met Michael at one of the beaches in Costa Rica and from there we became friends. We are both geeks and I guess that’s what make us agree on manyyyyy things.

Unlike me who spends money on almost everything (as I believe that I travel to spend), this man is different.

Michael always want to go pocket-wise whether he is to visit a third-world country or the North Pole. He wanted the best convenience but seeks for something that he could purchase in less than twenty bucks. Ah, I wish I had this kind of attitude too but I just couldn’t discipline myself!

Mid February 2013, Michael found himself stressed out of all the projects he had to deal with as an IT personnel of his father’s company. The first thing that opted his mind was surfing, yet, somehow he knew he wanted something new. As a local from Hawaii, Michael is used to big waves, crowded beaches and great surfing places.

Michael knew, he wanted to be somewhere and Costa Rica popped in his head.

“This is actually the first time that I’ve gone surfing outside Hawaii. I realize that I don’t want to carry a nine-foot thing (referring to his surfboard) while I’m trying to de-stress, you know what I mean?” Michael said as we were having Bavaria Negras at one of pubs in Costa Rica.

“I also called the airline and they said that they’d charge me some 15 dollars for my seven pound board. Screw it man, I won’t pay for that”. He added in between soft laughters. “So I “Googled” and found out that I can actually rent one from Costa Rica surf board rentals and it would just cost me 11 dollars. What’s not to like about that? Well, I feel sorry that my own surfboard won’t be able to taste Costa Rica’s playground.”

In the end, Michael and I agreed that we love the Costa Rican beaches. The warm air, warm water, off shore breezes plus the good foods, friendly locals, amazing nature and wildlife – seriously, what’s not to love about Costa Rica? On that two day vacation, we went to Jaco, Nosara, Puerto Viejo, Dominical and Matapolo.

(By the way, we were both solo travelers at that time)

Michael Smith and I did have great times together in Costa Rica. I now have another awesome, geek friend to visit in Hawaii.

You know what I wish though?

It was to be as wise as Michael Smith. You see, even the little spending for his surf board, he makes the clever decision. While I was there, running along the airport with my newbie 6-foot long board as we head home, Michael only had his backpack and a handful of Costa Rican souvenirs.

Gee. I bet I’m just good with codes but not with boards. I am definitely not a wise spender either.