Freelancing has Potential to Decrease Unemployment Rate in South Africa


According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) the unemployment rate in the country raised by 25.5% in the second quarter of 2014 alone.

There is a scary truth behind this figure.

For the past years, the country’s inability to produce work for its people led to disappointments resulting to trigger violent demonstrations mostly made by discontented and unemployed individuals. Although the economy was able to provide 100 000 jobs in the first quarter of 2014, it was not sufficient.

There is an astonishing number of 4.7 million jobless individuals in the country.

The good news is, a certain percentage of these unemployed individuals found opportunities on freelancing. As a freelancer, one can work for companies — either local or offshore – and everything, from communications to doing the job, up to salary matters are done online.

The lack of job opportunities is one of the major reasons why people resort to become freelancers. This happens not just in South Africa but almost anywhere around the world.

Educational requirement, for one, is considerably another culprit of the raging unemployment rate. Most companies commonly require their potential hires to have at least a college degree.

While having a good education is fairly an advantage when it comes to finding a job, such prerequisite does not exist in the freelancing world. One can be hired as a writer or as a programmer even without a degree, providing he can showcase skills and dedication to the job.

Base on how the economy runs in South Africa,  it’s clear that there’s low job demands while the unemployment rate goes higher. There might not be enough space for everyone in the corporate world but freelancing doors are open to those who desire to make a living without having to go through the usual prerequisites of employment.