Case Study: Shot by Char

Shot by Char is one of Thailand’s most-saught after personal brand photographers. Charlotte Graham runs this 1-woman  brand and photography business. I helped Charlotte build her brand by crafting its brand kits, web copy, and media assets. Years later, today, Shot by Char and I are still in collaboration, serving businesses from different landscapes and backgrounds.

Charlotte Graham

Brand Photographer

” Vergielyn took the time to understand my brand identity, messaging, positioning and voice and now I have a consistently strong brand across all my platforms. She is easy to work with, highly organised and hassle-free. Hire her!”

The Challenges

Charlotte Graham was primarily a wedding photographer. Covid struck and there were no face-to-face weddings, so she had to lie low on professional photography and focused on art. 

One sunny afternoon, Vergielyn met Charlotte in a cafe in Chiang Mai. From there, they hit it off and decided to create amazing things together. Fast-forward, the Shot by Char idea was brought to the table. After a few weeks and some caffeine-filled brainstorming together, Vergielyn and Charlotte crafted the brand kits, web copy, and media assets.

The Solution

Southeast Asia is home to nomads and solopreneurs. Since there are not a lot of weddings going on but businesses of all sorts during the pandemic, we concluded that establishing Charlotte Graham’s own photography brand to serve entrepreneurs would be a good start for the groundwork. 

  • Created her brand identity from scratch – identity, messaging, positioning, and voice. 
  • Wrote her copy.
  • Crafted her brand, brand identity assets and media kits.

The Results 

Today, Charlotte Graham works with entrepreneurs and companies in south-east Asia and the United Kingdom. We are still working together to continue nurturing her brand. She is continuously expanding her clientele demographics, serving entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and from different places across the world.