Case Study: Ecodomo

EcoDomo LLC develops, manufactures and designs true sustainable luxurious architectural details. Their products have been used and/or installed in establishments of big brands like Starbucks® Coffee Company, Bank of America, California Closets, Levis, Marriott, Crown Plaza® and InterContinental® Hotels and Resorts, Whole Foods® Market, and a wide variety of commercial and residential clients.

“Vergielyn was reliable and consistent with her work. She helped us work on the website and had a lot of good ideas. She also did thorough research on the product and came up with a different approach.”

Bernice Lord, Ecodomo CEO


In March 2021, I got connected with Ecodomo’s founder Bernice Lord. Ecodomo was looking to update their website copy to highlight their company value and the artistic side of their products and services.

Majority of Ecodomo’s products are made from recycled/repurporse leathers or remnants of the material. Leather, as an industry in itself, faces the evolving sustainability challenges and the strong market perception against leather. Ecodomo, as a brand that uses repurpose leather, wants to highlight their sustainable practices when it comes to producing luxury and quality leathers.

Ecodomo did not have a writing style guide to unify their brand voice. This presented a challenge for creating new copy for their company. Their current brand voice is more corporate-focused and did not resonate with the values they have. The website was also based on a very basic design. With these factors in mind, the approach was to start anew.

  • Market research has to be done to understand Ecodomo’s place in the leather industry’s landscape.
  • A copywriting style guide has to be created. Questionnaires and briefs were sent to the company founder for this.
  • To advise for update brand identity, drafts should have wireframe and design suggestions.


First off, I’ve done a detailed market research and brand deep dives with Bernice. This included research about demands, trends, competitions, challenges, market landscapes, among others. The CEO have also graciously loan me her time to explain their business, their products and practices. From those data collected, I create the company’s unique own writing style guide. Copy were created based on the approved data and style guide. Drafts are written with wireframes and suggestions for the designer’s reference.


In the first quarter of 2022, Ecodomo launched its brand new website. Fresh with new design and updated with copy. Overall, I am confident that my deliverables were able to help Ecodomo to:

  • Clarify their brand’s messaging.
  • Tell the story of the brand.
  • Highlighted their artistic values.
  • Emphasize their brand ethos.