Hello, you.

Are you looking for a copywriter?

I mean…the kind that takes off the brain-draining work of putting the RIGHT WORDS together? Someone who can help you write impactful copy so you can win more hearts and generate better revenue?

Skipping on theatrics and buzzwords, I’d like to present myself.

I am Vergielyn Cubol, a copywriter and editor with 10+ years of professional experience. The past decade of working across niches has taught me so much about my craft. Through the years, I’ve honed my skills in branding, advertising, marketing and all the bits and bobs of writing exceptionally great copy.

I can confidently describe myself as a highly capable copywriter. And, most of my clients seem to agree.

She is a genius. Vergielyn took the time to understand my brand identity, messaging, positioning and voice and now I have a consistently strong brand across all my platforms. She is easy to work with, highly organised and hassle-free. Hire her!

Charlotte Graham
Brand Photographer, www.shotbychar.com

I write product descriptions and labels, landing pages, direct response copy, ads, newsletters, brand concepts and web copy. My work spans on native and digital media, across niches and industries. But the arts are my top favorite! In a hindsight, these are the things I can help you with:

Everything copywriting — audit, developing your brand’s tone of voice and writing style.
◉ Editing – copy revamps, re-brand and general copy editing. Because someone’s gonna have to make things right.
◉ Concepting – pick on my brains, I don’t mind.

But, look, tbh, I have no idea where I rank between the best and the worst.

One thing is for sure: I have a process that allows me to do things right.

What sets me apart:

  • I’m a control freak when it comes to my work. I don’t use word-spinning software. I’m very hands-on. I don’t outsource. Told you, I’m a freak.
  • I’ll take the time to study your market, your brand, and your goals. This way we’re not going blind on the project’s direction.
  • I know my way around marketing and advertising, both in print and digital. If you’re not sure where you at on these, I can help.
  • I’ve got over a decade of experience working in different niches and industries. Most of the time I know what works and what doesn’t.
  • I can help you manage your e-commerce store when needed. I’m well-versed in Shopify and WordPress.
  • First time hiring a copywriter? I’ll make it easy for you. I have a straightforward process that helps us skip hair-pulling frustrations. Learn how it works by clicking here.

Please don’t contact me if your deadline was YESTERDAY.

It is not (yet) humanly possible to transport me back in time. That being said, if you think I might be able to help with your project, send a message to hey@vergielyn.com

Vergielyn was reliable and consistent with her work. She helped us work on the website and had a lot of good ideas. She also did thorough research on the product and came up with a different approach.

Bernice Lord
CEO, www.ecodomo.com

A fair warning …

While I am more than confident that my copy brings value, it is important to recognize all the moving pieces that generate profit for your business. Before we spend time, energy and neurons on your copy project, make sure:

  • Your product delivers its promise so as your copywriter I’m not lying to your people with overly hyped superlatives
  • Your visuals align with your campaign if you’re running one.
  • You or your team knows what you’re doing. This is why plans and briefs are necessary. I’d appreciate if you can give me the bigger picture of your project’s goal.
  • You’re willing to brief me about the project and answer my questionnaires, my emails and scheduled phone calls so we are both on the same page.

For inquiries and sample requests, feel free to send a message to hey@vergielyn.com or use this contact form.