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Hurrayyyy for 2016!

and counting. Bring it on, 2017!This writer is human, experienced and for hire. I’d like to put a big, bold imaginary parenthesis to the word human simply for the reason that most clients reached me and complained about how crappy and robot-like their previous writers were – that is not what I am.Companies trust me with their writing projects because I look at deadlines like serial killers and I happen to have a long list of over 6,473 successful projects — as of January 12, 2017 — not to mention the five years of professional writing experiences at my fingertips.
I also revise (not that it is necessary but, oh well) for free. Perfection is our goal afterall.



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My name is Vergielyn and I am a copywriter who has been in the game since early 2011. I must admit, it wasn’t an easy journey and I had to go through challenges that most writers experienced; writer’s block, rejections, self-doubts and everything else in between. But all through these years of writing (and writing and writing and writing), I found out that there’s just a single magical formula which REALLY converts readers into loyal customers: you got to be that reader – step into your readers’ shoes, find the pain point and from there, give them the remedy they deserve.

You see, every product, may it tangible or not, has its own story. When it comes to branding, it is hard to craft a unique and compelling story that captivates attention specially in today’s digital age where people are bombarded with information. No matter how good a product could be, its existence is almost unknown if its seller does not have the power to capture its potential customers’ attention. That’s why choosing the RIGHT words to tell a product’s story is as important as the product itself. Thanks to the wonders of the Earth, writers like me exist.

Cough, cough.

I am that breed of writer who prefers simple and captivating words than fancy, nonsensical  idioms. I am also the investigative kind — that sometimes I thought of quitting this job and become a detective instead – who doesn’t just base my researches from one source but on every possible reliable archives until I am satisfied with the data’s validity.

To summarize, I am . . .  well, I’m awesome.

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I’ve been doing this job long enough to easily analyze good writing and bad writing. I happen to hate the latter but there are too many of ’em so I stay in this field and will probably be sticking around for the next decade or so. Of course, I would be hypocrite if I say I don’t work for money. This art pays good and I love doing it.

I believe that the more I respect the trust clients gave me, the more respect I get back from ’em. For the past years of doing this job, to me respect, in the sense of deadlines, quality and productivity is a 2-way relationship that will keep everything smooth sailing. I look at deadlines not as dates in the calendar but expectations. I treat “quality” not as a word but as what my output would demonstrate.

I believe in developing a good culture for my working routines – – and that does not involved working with people who thinks they own me 24/7. To expand creativity and give fair share of productivity for every client I serve, I live my life. As much as I love branding, reputation, sales and everything in between the line, I am also a victim of those. Once upon a time, I got burned out after writing and ditching my social life. Then, I found the goodness of mountain climbing, nature and other forms art. Just like the usual creative, I love chasing sunsets and sunrises. Connecting with my inner creativity allows me to be more productive so I apologize for the Sundays and Mondays hiatus away-from-the-keyboard.