I’ve been doing this job long enough to easily analyze good writing and bad writing. I happen to hate the latter but there are too many of ’em so I stay in this field and will probably be sticking around for the next decade or so. Of course, I would be hypocrite if I say I don’t work for money. This art pays good and I love doing it.

I believe that the more I respect the trust clients gave me, the more respect I get back from ’em. For the past years of doing this job, to me respect, in the sense of deadlines, quality and productivity is a 2-way relationship that will keep everything smooth sailing. I look at deadlines not as dates in the calendar but expectations. I treat “quality” not as a word but as what my output would demonstrate.

I believe in developing a good culture for my working routines – – and that does not involved working with people who thinks they own me 24/7. To expand creativity and give fair share of productivity for every client I serve, I live my life. As much as I love branding, reputation, sales and everything in between the line, I am also a victim of those. Once upon a time, I got burned out after writing and ditching my social life. Then, I found the goodness of mountain climbing, nature and other forms art. Just like the usual creative, I love chasing sunsets and sunrises. Connecting with my inner creativity allows me to be more productive so I apologize for the Sundays and Mondays hiatus away-from-the-keyboard.