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This section of is dedicated for Vergielyn Cubol’s school-related research and works. In compliance to Arizona State University’s ENG102, here is where you’ll find her writing journals, musing, study notes and writing projects. This webpage is created for a writing research project that is kairotic and specifically crafted for local audience (the Filipino people).

Original proposed Central Research Question: Why are opportunities hypocritically found in poverty-condensed metros in the Philippines?

The Central Research Question have gone through variety of changes from the time this site was crafted until the end of the 2-month course. Changes of the invention and developments of the projects are cited within the Writer’s Journals.  These researches are for educational purposes only. If you feel there are sections, text, phrase or parts of site that needs to be omitted or corrected, contact Vergielyn Cubol.

The materials in these pages are copyrighted. Should you wish to use any content from this site, feel free to message Vergielyn through this contact form.


Vergielyn is copywriter from the Philippines currently working on her college credits for Arizona State University’s English102. This is a dedicated webpage for her researches and writings specifically for the course. There are 16 journal sets and 4 writing projects for this e-portfolio.  The writer learned to craft of rhetorical writing and critical thinking and analytical composition. The writing journals show the writer’s writing processes and the use of conventions to come up with the final project.

The rigorous 2-month course ended with a final project cited at Writing Project 3. There were researches, interviews, surveys and a poll involved in creating the final research paper.


Duane Roen, Vice Provost, Polytechnic Campus – Arizona State University

Adam Pactor, Lecturer – Arizona State University

This research project has transition from one central research questions to another, and another. The core dedication and effort in this research are finally centralized to answer the CRQ: what if the Philippines intensifies its educational framework from memorizing text and information to teaching children real-world skills and intelligence that will get them ready to take the world as soon as they’re out of high school. The following are journal entries where the writer have jotted down notes on this 2-month long research. The final paper is here:


Journal no.1: Reflecting on the Beginnings 

Journal no.2: Exigency, Kairos, and Audience

Journal no.3: Discourse Communities and Audience

Journal no.4: Wrapping Up Week 4

Journal no.5: Reverse Outlining

Journal no.6: Research and Preconceptions

Journal no.7:  Thinking About Primary Sources

Journal no.8: Thinking About Secondary Sources

Journal no.9: Finding Your First Source

Journal no.10: Situating Sources

Journal no.11: Pacing Research and Annotation

Journal no.12: Thinking About Research as Modular

Journal no.13: Invention and Introduction

Journal no.14: Invention and Literature Review

Journal no.15: Invention and Discussion Section

Journal no. 16: Invention and Conclusion Section


Writing Project no1: The Project Proposal (re:re: changed)

Writing Project no2: The Annotated Bibliography

Writing Project no3: The Persuasive Research Project

Writing Project no4: E-Portfolio and Writer’s Website