The sun begins to crawl its way down to the west and here I am breathing its beauty. The air is cooler. Swoosh, swoosh, says the wind. The thin horizon at the back of the mountains started to eat those shimmering rays. Phone rings. The cracking sound of it tells me it is an e-mail from you. Though I am mesmerized by the glimmer of pink, orange and yellowish sky where vast clouds play, I know I have to check my e-mail, because it’s from one important person – – you. This is how much I value my friends and clients’ messages that I let ’em get in my way even if I am on a Robert Frost-y mood. So be clever, precise and nice when you use the form below. 

Quick note fellas: I only do non-fiction projects such as copywriting, articles, e-books, contents, product descriptions and blogs. I don’t take erotic, explicit and violent niches. Students, I hate to say this but I can’t lend you my creative hands for your academic projects. I believe those are something that you should be responsible of; thus, passing from school because you paid someone to do the hardwork is not really fair for others who have done otherwise.