Word Warriors: Copywriter vs. Content Writer

Alright, let’s get lit! 

Welcome to the ultimate throwdown, where words collide, minds ignite, and creativity reigns supreme. Okey, putting the superlative aside, let me answer the common comparison: copywriter vs. content writer. 

What are they?

How do they differ?

Who to choose when hiring?

Which path to go for a career?

Copywriter’s Magic Mojo

In the fast lane of marketing, the copywriter struts like a linguistic rockstar. Our mission? To hook you, cook you, and leave you shook, all with their slick wordplay. From killer headlines that make your jaw drop to sales copy that’s smoother than silk, we know how to make it happen.

We use psychology, data and our intution to string together words that drive action. Us, copywriters, always have a “conversion” goal in mind. We want you to buy something, sign-up to newsletter, book an appointment or call the business we’re promotion. That’s our job. 

Content Writers’ Roles  

Enter the realm of content writing, where storytelling takes center stage and minds are blown like confetti cannons at a party. Content writers have a different game plan. They don’t exist to sell but rather to tell. Through their articles, blog posts, and social media antics, they deliver juicy nuggets of knowledge that leave audience smarter, entertained, and wanting more.  

Copywriter vs Content Writer.

Imagine having a content writer working with a copywriter or a copywriter who does content writing as well. It’s like mixing fire and gasoline at a wild house party. The copywriter’s punchy persuasion merges with the content writer’s storytelling vibes, creating a blast of brilliance.  The copywriter spits persuasion that makes you say, “I’m sold!” while the content writer drops narratives that have you hooked from the first line. If it’s your first time looking into hiring a copywriter or a content writer, I highly suggest you have both in your team.

into the future

In the era of Artificial Intellegence, the future may seem uncertain. But, I don’t think we would be left behind in our retro boomboxes. Wordsmiths like copywriters and content writers are masters of reinvention, grooving with the times like hipsters at a vinyl shop.

I trust that our versatility knows no bounds. We will stay one step ahead, embracing emerging trends, new platforms, and cutting-edge tech. We’re not obsolete. Not yet…

Do I hire a copywriter or a content writer?

The answer to this question circles back to your intent. What do you want to do? Do you want to sell? Then hire a copywriter. Do you want to educate or tell your brand’s story? Then a content writer does the job. Do you wanna do both? Hire a copywriter who can write content. *cough* shameless plug, you could hire Me.

Should I be a copywriter or a content writer?

Personally, I would instantly recommend becoming a copywriter. That’s because the money is there my friend and it has a wider space for creativity. And I like seeing my things on billboards, magazines and TV!

But hey, this is entirely up to you. So have at it. Want to tell stories? Be a content writer. Good with words that sell? By all means, join us in the copywriting realm. Want to join both worlds? Just do it!

Peace out, fellow word warriors!

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