How I improve my writing focus

Okey, so it’s been a hot minute since I started this job! Twelve years to be exact. But, just like more writers out there, I hit a little bump in the road with creative block. 

Experience taught me that a little tweak in patterns and mindset helped improve my work focus. Here are some ways I get those creative juices flowing — even when the well of creativity dried up. 

First things first, I give myself permission to write shitty first drafts. Now depending on how terrible the block is, I just get the words into the paper (or Word processor). In worst cases, I just write bla bla bla until words come forth. 

I know I can always finesse it later.

I always remind myself to take a chill pill! When I’m struggling to concentrate, I take a break and do something fun things like running around the yard with my dogs or strolling the beach barefooted. These do wonders when it comes to refreshing my mind. 

And hey, if it’s not working, I don’t sweat it. Writing can be a real pain in the neck sometimes – metaphorically and literally. So if I am feeling stuck or uninspired, I don’t beat myself up about it. I take breaks or switch things up with a different approach. 

Not every writing session will be a masterpiece. Let’s just keep showing up and putting in the work. We got this.

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