How I develop brand voice for small businesses

Small businesses frequently hire me to create their brand identity from the ground up, which includes developing their brand voice. Most of them want to have this tone of voice (TOV) that set them apart. By developing a distinct TOV, any content produced by the brand will instantly convey its identity to its audience.

Here are some ways I do it. 

Defining the brand’s personality.

I start by defining the brand’s personality, which includes its values, beliefs, and characteristics. I take into consideration what sets the brand apart from others and from there, I will analyze the best TOV that’ll represent the brand.

Identifying target audience.

The brand voice should speak to the brand’s audience. It should resonate with them. So it’s important to understand who are the customers, what their needs and preferences are, and how they communicate. For example, if my client is selling arts and crafts materials to teens, I may use a friendly, artsy tone of voice.

Creating a brand style guide.

A style guide will help you maintain consistency across all communication channels. It should include guidelines for tone, language, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

Use that TOV to keep audiences informed. 

Your brand’s personality should inform your content strategy, including the topics you cover, the tone you use, and the words chosen. For instance, in the case of a store selling arts and crafts to teens, I would avoid archaic, outdated jargon. Unless, if, the niche calls for it.

Testing and refining the brand voice.

It’s important to regularly test and refine the voice to ensure that it resonates with the target audience. I pay attention to how the audience reacts to the content and make adjustments as needed. And, of course, KPIs like engagements and conversions are taken into account.