Generosity is the secret to more repeat business

So, I ordered a slice of apple pie this morning.

I requested some fresh cream with it. Then this is what I got: a note (handwritten!) and a free cookie.

Turned out they did not have cream.

It’s not their obligation to give me an apology letter or a cookie. Yet, they still did.

This is generosity, people. And this is a characteristic that you should build in yourself if you want to stop chasing clients and customers.

Now you might say, “I’m doing business. I need money.”

Think back again.

In a world that says EVERYTHING COST SOMETHING, do otherwise. Let’s bring back the ethics and generosity in business and marketing.

I’m questioned by friends in the industry why I still do pro bono work for people when my hours are expensive.

I believe that whatever I throw out there, it’s going to hit back to me 10x.

I throw out greed, I’ll get ripped off. I give something, the universe finds its way to do good for me. Work or personal life, it seems to be the case for me.

I get repeat business and referrals when throwing in a little extra for my client.

Want to build a career with more opportunities?


Be generous to the world and the work that matters to you. If you truly care for your business, then you know how important a repeat customer is.

Work a little extra hour for that project you like. Volunteer and use those skills you have.

And in this case just as this morning, throw out a free cookie, if you may.

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