In the case of pop-ups

I think you’ve encountered this one or too many times. You’ve landed on a website with the intent to see a specific content then voila! A box of message pops up right into your face saying here’s something for FREEEEEEEEEE. But first, put your email here.

As someone who’s in the industry for years now, I know the value of lead magnets and opt-in when it comes to our efforts in nurturing relationships with our potential customers. 

But here’s my personal convictions on pop-ups. Try your best not to send my picture to the voodoo man after reading this, okay?

Whenever I get a pop-up from a web page, the feeling is like walking in a store and the very moment I walk in the door someone pops out from nowhere with a megaphone in hand. Of course, they catch my attention, even more, when without any warning, they yell in my face screaming, “Freee tempura! Get one! You need it!”

And while the person’s intention is good (afterall, freebie, duhh?) it’s the megaphone that is just too loud and annoying. Rude even.

How do you know I would like this tempura? Or if it’s even my choice of tempura. Heck, I may even have allergies to tempura. You could kill me. 

Pop-ups, gateway contents, and opt-ins are like that person in the store with the huge megaphone handing out free tempuras that not everyone likes.

Yet, there is a reason why pop-ups just won’t die. Statistics and market studies cited that THEY WORK specially in bringing in fresh leads and audiences. As long as they serve their purpose, as annoying and as loud as they are to me, pop-ups are here to stay.

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