Yet They Spent More to Find Another Earth


Warning: The following entry contains disturbing graphic. Do not open the video if you can’t stand it.

Julie and I once had a long bus ride that took us to countless of random conversations from socio-political POVs, to Hitler, to Nostradamus and . . . climate change. After a few yes-leo-deCarpio-is-doing-it-right-for-Momma-Earth talks, Julie gave me a few of her opinions about how big guns spend far too much finding other habitable planets and  far too little in preserving the only planet we’ve known livable.

In 2014 alone, NASA had a budget of $17.6 billion. And that is not it. BBC also reported space spending to increase by £60m a year. I have been “googling” for sources on statistics about how much us, the humanity, spend on preserving Mother Earth. Unfortunately, I can’t find any solid sources. Hmm . . .

Trust me, I get Julie’s point but is guilty for not taking it to the heart during that time. You can blame it to my love for Science, my curiosity and the fact that I was studying the planets and stars. I, too, is obsessed on finding what is out there.

Until reality struck me in the midst of summer (here in the Philippines)  in April.

So this is how my favorite town looks like before the drought. I love sitting in this area just watching the sugar cane farm in the mornings while having a cup of instant coffee and the tune of Jason Mraz on my mp3. (And yes, that’s my foot!)

But when I came back here on April, I was greeted by a scorching heat of  37 – 38 degree centigrade. You can literally reheat last night’s left over on that temperature! But that is not what I was complaining about. The green luscious sugarcane farm that I once loved turn into a lifeless brown. You can see that from this dead dandelion I photographed. The background of it were dried sugarcane, useless and dried out by weather.

dead dandelion

It was so hot that I thought there was only about a drop of water left on the nearby river. Lands cracked as though each of their crevice screamed for a touch of water. Farmers were on agony for harvesting good crop was almost impossible. There were too little water for the locals. When I came back to the city, our water supply were rationed once daily in a little over 2 hours per day.

What was worse, local farmers down southern Philippines in Cotabato had to beg for their rice supply from the government. Drought played a toll on their farming lands. A rally was turn into an unimaginable disaster; a complete debacle. The most ironic thing was, these farmers were among the rice suppliers in the country.

BBC: Deaths linked to protests over food shortages have been reported in Cotabato province in the southern Philippines, where thousands of drought-hit farmers have clashed with police over demands for rice.


It is not only that we are spending way too much on space exploration and/or discovery. Space exploration itself puts damage to Earth. A rocket needs hundreds of thousands of gallons of kerosene fuel. Yes, just one rocket not to mention the countless beta-testing stages. Imagine all the damaging residual if we were to collectively count all space exploration each year.

Nightmare, it is.

So I was wondering, when will we be able to put enough – – if not equal to space exploration – – budget for our dear Earth? How many droughts or floods would it take us to realize how valuable this planet really is?

Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived. – Sidney Sheldon


7 thoughts on “Yet They Spent More to Find Another Earth

  1. Challenging points Vergielyn and well said. Just one a practical formatting side, the text is all messed up with some of your photos on my screen. I think you have photos set to left-justify instead of central which they need to be for their size. Sorry to talk about something totally unimportant compared to your subject but just aware that it might put some people off reading your message. You know what a visual world we live in! 🙂

  2. I agree that Climate Change requires immediate commitment and money from all governments, but I’d rather that money came from the military budget. We waste so very much finding yet more ways of killing each other. That has to stop too.

  3. Julie

    The earth is just like our own family. Wherever we may want to go, we will always end up coming back to them. There is nothing wrong about exploring or widening our horizon, but it will always be wrong that in the process of our knowledge seeking, we tend to forget to take good care of what we have right now. We can’t live long enough to know all things coz in my own faith, God will always give something mysterious for us to be curious about.

    Those freaking scientists who continue to chase after beyond the cynical galaxy by damaging our mother Earth are all screwed up when they die.

    What a beautiful dream to die in a paradise surrounded with blooming flowers, and trees and butterflies and birds and all those amazing creations…..EXCLUDING earthworms….

  4. Of all he money being spent across the planet, I feel less bad about the money put into space exploration than many, many military and civilian research programs. Space exploration has yielded many side benefits that have benefited mankind. The more we know about our surroundings (as a planet) the greater the likelihood that we will someday figure out this planet. More importantly, the kind of people who work on space exploration also share information with environmental scientists here on Earth. $17B sounds like a lot of money, until you compare it with $3.5 Trillion, which is how much the US Federal Government spent in 2016 – It’s less than 1/2 of 1%

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