A Hopeful Open Letter to My 30 Year Old Self



You are a few months away from turning into a werewo – – – ooops, 25 I meant and as far as I am concerned, the norm called this stage quarter life. I am writing this  open letter to you to remind you about how it used to be five years ago. From this point onward, all I could ever wish is a better life or at the very least, hope that you already figured out what you really wanted in life. I pray you are still in top shape, alive and kicking and still climbing mountains. If lucky enough, I think you could have already climbed Everest too. I hope.

So . . . what’s up with life back here? Well, these days, you are trying to get a new place because you hated the neighborhood, you’re struggling to get a better insurance and for the past three days, you are shamelessly procrastinating, watching anime! I think you’d tell me to grow up, but hey.

Hmm. . . 30’s a big number in terms of age. I’m seeing you have a few wrinkles around the eyes and on your forehead. It could be that you are already married by now though I seriously doubt it knowing you from the inside out.

I know that you are capable of a lot of things and that at the back of your mind, you want to accomplish something that touches lives. I hope by now, you’ve done a lot.

Wherever you are, remember that five years ago, you have good friends who care for your existence, you have a family and most of all, you have yourself. You are strong like that. If you are struggling in a certain something by now, I wanted you to look back of what you have been through and suck out strength from there.  You are not a weakling and have never been. You’ve created and may create more mistakes but as always,  it is these mistakes that shape you into a better person.

See you in some hundreds of days from now.


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